We Belong to God (Psalm 100​)​- vocal and instrumental tracks

by Deanna Witkowski



Bundle of two tracks for We Belong to God (Psalm 100): track 1 includes vocals; track 2 is an instrumental background track without vocals.

Sheet music is available here at Bandcamp or at deannawitkowski.com/sheet-music/#Congregational


released August 9, 2017

Deanna Witkowski, piano, composition
Daniel Foose, bass
Scott Latzky, drums
Sarah Kervin, vocals (on track 1 only)


all rights reserved


Track Name: We Belong to God (Psalm 100)
With singing,
we make a joyful noise
and join with all the earth.

In singing,
God’s presence is here:
we worship and are glad.

1: We know the Lord is God,
for God is the One who made us.
We are God’s people;
sheep of God’s pasture;
for we belong to God.

2: We give our thanks to God,
and we enter God’s courts with praise;
we bless and honor God;
our hearts give thanks and praise;
for we belong to God.

3: The Lord is truly good
and God’s steadfast love endures,
endures forever;
our hearts give thanks and praise;
for we belong to God.

We are God’s people;
we belong to God.

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