Love Came Down: Three bonus singles

by Deanna Witkowski



Deanna Witkowski releases three bonus singles in conjunction with her new trio album, Makes the Heart to Sing: Jazz Hymns.


released September 27, 2017

Deanna Witkowski, piano, compositions
Daniel Foose, bass
Scott Latzky, drums
Sarah Kervin, guest vocalist (tracks 1 and 2)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Love Came Down
1. Love came down at Christmas,
love all lovely, Love Divine;
love was born at Christmas:
star and angels gave the sign;
gave the sign,
love came down,
love came down.

2. Worship we the Godhead,
love incarnate, Love Divine;
worship we our Jesus,
but wherewith for sacred sign,
sacred sign,
love came down.
love came down.

3. Love shall be our token;
love be yours and love be mine,
love to God and neighbor,
love for plea and gift and sign,
gift and sign,
sacred sign,
love came down….
Track Name: Here with You
All my life
I wanted someone
yet I stayed alone

All those years
of never finding
suddenly are gone

When I look at you
all my heart can do
is to sing

With each day
I ask in wonder
how you came to me

(And) with this song
I thank you, darling,
for being all to me.

When I look at you
all my heart can do
is to sing here with you

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